Mushroom Schnitzel

(2x 130g)

If you want to slowly incorporate more vegetables on your plate, this schnitzel is a good place to start. Half of it’s meat; the other half is made of delicious button mushrooms.

Ingredients: 34% plant-based/vegetables (Mushrooms, rehydrated SOY and WHEAT), 17% beef, 17% pork, water, 10% breadcrumbs (WHEAT flour, salt, yeast, rapeseed oil, dried herbs and spices), SOY protein, fibre (WHEAT), salt, spices, dextrose, maltodextrin, WHEAT flour, mushroom granulate, herbs and spices, onion granulate, porcini mushrooms, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil), yeast, vinegar, natural flavouring


Nutritional Values:
Nutritional value per 100g
kJ 969
kcal 232
Fat 12,7
Saturated fat 3,4
Carbohydrates 11,3
Sugar 1,2
Fibre 1,5
Protein 14,6
Salt 2,22
Preparation tip:

Preheat pan well, add plenty of oil/fat to the pan and heat up well. Place the product in the pan and fry it on high heat, turn the heat down, fry and turn regularly, completely done in 7-10 minutes.

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