Food service Products

Add something special to your menu with FiftyFifty products. Our meat products are made from 50% vegetable ingredients, allowing you to create a more conscious and healthy dining experience for you and your customers. Together with your customers, you can dramatically reduce your environmental footprint by cutting down on meat.

More and more people want to try to commit to a healthier diet. The FiftyFifty products put a sizeable share of the required food groups on your customers’ plates. Your company can help your customers to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This hybrid product range allows you to step into the future as a business. Can we count you in?


Did you know… ?

… Meat contains a host of valuable nutrients like protein, vitamin B and iron? That’s why the Netherlands Nutrition Centre recommends eating meat, although you should try to limit it to less than 500 grams per week. And with FiftyFifty’s products, this couldn’t be easier.

… The vitamin K and magnesium in vegetables help strengthen your bones. Eating more vegetables also leads to lower stress levels and contributes to a healthier skin, thanks to the higher percentage of water in most vegetables.

We look forward to meeting you halfway.

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