What is FiftyFifty?

Imagine you’re a true meat lover. Still… deep down you know you’d benefit from eating more vegetables. Cutting down on meat seems like a big step to take, and you don’t feel like giving up its fulfilling flavours. FiftyFifty’s products offer the perfect solution to this problem: they offer products that are a tasty combination of 50% meat and 50% vegetables.

With FiftyFifty, you’ll not only taste the best of both worlds, you’ll also build a more conscious lifestyle! Eating less meat but more veg is twice as healthy. And cutting down on meat is not only a healthy choice nutrition-wise; it’s also good news for the environment. FiftyFifty’s meat products have 50% less meat in them, and are packaged using 80% less plastic.

News about FiftyFifty travels fast. During the Anuga Taste Innovation Show 2019, we have been selected as Top 10 winners!

We look forward to meeting you halfway.

Why FiftyFifty?

Less meat

A lot of people are used to eating meat 7 days a week. With our FiftyFifty products, you can continue doing so, while still reducing your meat consumption by 50%.


Experience the flavour-packed combination of your favourite meat product with delicious vegetables. Normally you’d have to prepare two different sets of ingredients: now you can experience it all in a single bite.


These hybrid products provide you with all the food groups you will need for a healthier lifestyle. You get your daily requirement of iron and vitamin B from the meat, and your vitamins C and A from the vegetable ingredients.


As a flexitarian, you help to reduce the total volume of meat consumed, which in turn reduces our joint environmental footprint. On top of this, the FiftyFifty packaging uses 80% less plastic.


Did you know… ?

… Meat contains a host of valuable nutrients like protein, vitamin B and iron? That’s why the Netherlands Nutrition Centre recommends eating meat, although you should try to limit it to less than 500 grams per week. And with FiftyFifty’s products, this couldn’t be easier.

… The vitamin K and magnesium in vegetables help strengthen your bones. Eating more vegetables also leads to lower stress levels and contributes to a healthier skin, thanks to the higher percentage of water in most vegetables.